Cobudget Glossary

This is an overview of terminology that is used in the app interface. If you would like to customize the terminology, this is possible if we setup a separate instance for you  (with our Enterprise plan), or you can run an instance yourself.

An idea for a project that a person wants to implement within the focus area of a given Cobudget round. For example, purchasing a tool for an art workshop, or organizing a specific exhibition at a gallery ( formerly called a dream).
A round is the basic organising structure/unit in which cobudgeting (v.) actually happens.  If a bucket is a project, a round is where buckets, people and resources come together to make things happen. Each round has its own specific focus, guidelines, timeframes, and overall budget. An admin will “run a round” and members will “participate in a round” either by proposing buckets or distributing funds across buckets.
The “home” for all co-budgeting activities of a specific group of humans who run more than one cobudgeting round. This is a pro feature.
Guidelines are rules that (if feature is activated) buckets must adhere to in a round. These are set by the admins
Bucket Form 
This is where you build your "Bucket form", with the questions that users must answer when posting a bucket. The set of questions is customizable. 
The people proposing a bucket, and those that will make it happen if it is funded. Each bucket needs at least one co-creator.
People who are part of a Cobudget group
People supporting the running of a Cobudget round, especially when review features are activated. Moderators have the power to approve buckets for funding (if this setting is enabled).
People who are part of a Cobudget round. 
Round Admins
Those responsible for administering a Cobudget round, with full access to all round settings.
Group Admins
Those responsible for administering a Cobudget group, with full access to all group settings.
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