Getting Started

What is Cobudgeting? 

Cobudgeting is a practice for making collaborative decisions in groups and organizations around money and resources.

Cobudget is a software tool helps groups allocate funds collaboratively and transparently. 

What can I do with this tool?

With Cobudget, you can:

  • Start a round to collaboratively fund projects on Cobudget
  • Invite people into your round
  • Create Buckets to propose projects
  • Discuss bucket proposals to improve them and get feedback from your group
  • Allocate funds to the buckets you want to support

To get started, watch this 3 min demo to discover the key features of Cobudget.

How do I start a new Cobudget round?

 You can start a new group in 2 clicks by clicking "create new round." in the top bar. 

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