Cobudget Basics

How Cobudget works

  • Start a round to collaboratively fund projects on Cobudget
  • Invite participants into the round
  • Create Buckets to propose projects
  • Discuss bucket proposals to improve them and get feedback from your group
  • Allocate funds to the buckets you want to support
To get started, watch this 3 min demo to discover the basic features of Cobudget.

You sign up directly on

You can sign up with your email or Facebook or Googlemail. If you choose the email, you will receive a magic link to your email inbox, which you then need to click on.

You are invited into a Cobudget round

When you receive an invitation to join an existing Cobudget round, the email will contain a unique invitation link.
Click on the link in this email and complete your account setup, by adding your name, username, and accepting the terms & conditions.

Putting up buckets

Starting a new round

You can start a new group from inside Cobudget by clicking on the left nav bar dropdown and selecting "create round".
Enter a round name, currency and click "Let's go!".

Tutorial for how to setup a round