Why Collaborative Funding?

Money makes Collaboration Real

To cope and thrive in today's rapidly changing environment, many organizations want to become more collaborative and human-centered. Our years of experience working in distributed networks has shown us that one of the hardest aspects of collaboration relates to money and resource management. It is also a powerful starting point for creating engagement and participation.
We believe that opening up decisions around resource allocation and money help make collaboration real and driven towards tangible actions. Our experience of implementing collaborative funding practices in networks such as Enspiral have shown that it can be a powerful tool to increase engagement, transparency and agility in organisations, networks, communities and groups.

Why organizations do collaborative funding

The reasons for doing collaborative funding are manifold, but here are some common objectives:
  • To run participatory internal innovation programs and call-for-proposals
  • To Catalyze employee or member engagement by enabling them to propose projects and allocate resources to them
  • To create more participation and transparency in their financial and budgeting processes.

The ecosystem of collaborative money practices

Get an overview of the organizations, tools and initiatives exploring and experimenting with collaborative money practices, by navigating this map.
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