Configure your round

Once you have setup your new Cobudget round, you can edit several settings by clicking on "settings" tab in the upper navigation bar.

When you go there, you have six sections: 

1. General: General settings such as the name, URL, registration policy or styling of your round.

2. Guidelines: Set up the guidelines that buckets should follow. This can be empty

3. Bucket review:  Enable or disable Bucket Review. Bucket Review is the app's peer-reviewing feature for projects. Users are asked to review buckets they visit and ensure they follow the guidelines (see below).

If the user indicates that a bucket violates a guideline, they are asked to answer why. The answer is posted as a comment to the bucket:

4Bucket Form: You can customize the level of detail requested and specify which information bucket creator should share by adding new prompts to the bucket form

5. Funding: Here you can edit the details around the funding phase of your round: 

  • Currency: What currency is used in your round?
  • Allow stretch goals? Allows the bucket creators to add a funding goal once the initial funding goal is reached
  • Require moderator approval of buckets before funding? Admins / Moderators need to approve buckets before they become visible
  • Max. amount to one bucket per user? Limits the amount of money one user can contribute to a bucket
  • Buckets creation closes? You can enter a date. From that date on no new buckets can be created
  • Funding opens? You can enter a date. From that date on people can contribute money to buckets. Before, funding is not possible
  • Funding closes? You can enter a date. From that date on people funding for buckets is not possible anymore

6. Tags: Here you can add tags to your round. They become available for bucket creators to use for their buckets as well as all members to filter buckets

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